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Institute of Advanced Study in Education

(Under Government of Kerala)

Govt. Training College, Thrissur


Library is the heart of an educational institution. The library stacks 25,000 books on various subjects and subscribes many periodicals. Along with reference Service the books and periodicals are loaned out for home reading.The library also conducts a course on "Information Literacy" for teacher trainees.


  • Ms. Nisha Seban .M.S

    Chief Librarian


ERIC provides unlimited access to more than 1.3 million bibliographic records of journal articles and other education-related materials, with hundreds of new records added multiple times per week. If available, links to full text are included.

Within the ERIC Collection, you will find records for:

Journal articles


Research syntheses

Conference papers

Technical reports

Policy papers

other education-related materials

You may also search special collections from the What Works Clearinghouse and the Regional Educational Laboratories.

Who Uses ERIC

ERIC users include education researchers, teachers, librarians, administrators, education policymakers, instructors and students in teacher-preparation programs, parents, the media and business communities, and the general public. The user community conducts more than eight million searches each month through the ERIC Web site and commercial and non-commercial sites.

What's in ERIC

Journals in ERIC

ERIC indexes education journals, the majority of which are peer-reviewed. Most of these journals are indexed comprehensively - that is, a record for every article in each issue is included in ERIC. Some journals are indexed selectively - that is, only those articles that are education-related are selected for indexing.

Journal records typically include bibliographic data (author, title, date, journal citation, publisher) and an abstract, or short description of the work. A small number of journal publishers also make the full text of an article available at no cost directly through this Web site. The majority of journal articles need to be obtained through library print and electronic holdings or directly from the publisher. To aid in the finding process, ERIC includes Find in a Library and/or Publisher's Web site links at the end of every record with an ISSN number.

View Sample ERIC Journal Record

Other Materials in ERIC

In addition to the journal literature, ERIC indexes education-related materials from a variety of sources, including scholarly organizations, professional associations, research centers, policy organizations, university presses, the U.S. Department of Education and other federal agencies, and state and local agencies. Individual contributors submit conference papers, research papers, dissertations, and theses.

Records for these materials typically include bibliographic data (author, title, date, source), an abstract, or short description of the work, and a link to the full text in PDF format. ERIC appreciates the individuals and publishers who have given ERIC permission to display the full text at no charge. For most materials from 2004 forward, if full text is not available in ERIC, links to the publishers' Web sites and to libraries that may have the full text are provided.

View Sample ERIC Document Record

Identifying and providing full-text access to this "grey literature" or "fugitive literature" is one of ERIC's signature strengths. Grey literature provides searchers with a wide variety of important information about education. Diverse in format, it ranges from informational materials to very substantive, rigorously researched and reviewed documents, including research syntheses, conference papers, and policy reports. All materials are reviewed and selected in accordance with the ERIC Selection Policy

Getting Started with ERIC

The ERIC Web site allows you to search education-related bibliographic records any time at no charge. A growing number of full-text materials are becoming available in the ERIC Collection as PDF documents in ERIC or via links to library holdings and publishers' Web sites.

Use the ERIC Web site's Basic Search or Advanced Search tools to search the ERIC Collection.

Use the Thesaurus to identify appropriate words and phrases from ERIC's controlled vocabulary for precision searching.

Use My ERIC to manage your search criteria and search results, save searches, and track your online submissions.

Education Resources Information Center
Directory of Open Access Journals
Sl No. Journal Title Publisher
1 Action Learning: Research and Practice Taylor and Francis
2 American Annals of the Deaf Project Muse
3 Asia Pacific Journal of Education Taylor and Francis
4 Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education Taylor and Francis
5 Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy & Practice Taylor and Francis
6 British Educational Research Journal Taylor and Francis
7 British Journal of Guidance and Counselling Taylor and Francis
8 British Journal of Industrial Relations Blackwell Publishing
9 British Journal of Religious Education Taylor and Francis
10 British Journal of Sociology of Education Taylor and Francis
11 Brookings Papers on Education Policy Project Muse
12 Bulletin of Latin American Research Blackwell Publishing
13 Cambridge Journal of Education Taylor and Francis
14 Changing English Taylor and Francis
15 Christian Higher Education Taylor and Francis
16 Communication Education Taylor and Francis
17 Community College Journal of Research & Practice Taylor and Francis
18 Comparative Education Taylor and Francis
19 Compare Taylor and Francis
20 Curriculum Journal Taylor and Francis
21 Decision Sciences Blackwell Publishing
22 Disability & Society Taylor and Francis
23 Distance Education Taylor and Francis
24 Early Years: An International Journal of Research and Development Taylor and Francis
25 Educational Media International Taylor and Francis
26 Educational Philosophy and Theory Taylor and Francis
27 Educational Philosophy and Theory Taylor and Francis
28 Educational Psychology in Practice Taylor and Francis
29 Educational Research Taylor and Francis
30 Educational Research Abstracts (All) Taylor and Francis
31 Educational Review Taylor and Francis
32 Educational Studies Taylor and Francis
33 Educational Theory Blackwell Publishing
34 Education and the Law Taylor and Francis
35 Education, Communication & Information Taylor and Francis
36 Education Economics Taylor and Francis
37 Education for Health: Change in Learning & Practice Taylor and Francis
38 English Studies Taylor and Francis
39 Environmental Education Research Taylor and Francis
40 Equity & Excellence in Education Taylor and Francis
41 ERA - General Abstracts Taylor and Francis
42 European Journal of Engineering Education Taylor and Francis
43 European Journal of English Studies Taylor and Francis
44 European Journal of Political Research Blackwell Publishing
45 European Journal of Special Needs Education Taylor and Francis
46 European Journal of Teacher Education Taylor and Francis
47 Gender and Education Taylor and Francis
48 Globalisation, Societies and Education Taylor and Francis
49 High Ability Studies Taylor and Francis
50 Higher Education Springer Link
51 Higher Education in Europe Taylor and Francis
52 Higher Education Research and Development Taylor and Francis
53 History of Education Taylor and Francis
54 Innovations in Education and Teaching International Taylor and Francis
55 Innovative Higher Education Springer Link
56 Interactive Learning Environments Taylor and Francis
57 Intercultural Education Taylor and Francis
58 International Journal for Academic Development Taylor and Francis
59 International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance Springer Link
60 International Journal of Children's Spirituality Taylor and Francis
61 International Journal of Disability, Development and Education Taylor and Francis
62 International Journal of Early Years Education Taylor and Francis
63 International Journal of Inclusive Education Taylor and Francis
64 International Journal of Leadership in Education Taylor and Francis
65 International Journal of Lifelong Education Taylor and Francis
66 Mathematical Education in Science and Technology Taylor and Francis
67 Qualitative Studies in Education Taylor and Francis
68 International Journal of Science Education Taylor and Francis
69 International Journal of Science & Math Education Springer Link
70 Journal of Academic Ethics Springer Link
71 Journal of Behavioral Education Springer Link
72 Journal of Beliefs and Values Taylor and Francis
73 Journal of Child Language Cambridge University Press
74 Journal of College Student Development Project Muse
75 Journal of Curriculum Studies Taylor and Francis
76 Journal of Educational Administration & History Taylor and Francis
77 Journal of Educational Media Taylor and Francis
78 Journal of Education and Work Taylor and Francis
79 Teaching: International Research and Pedagogy Taylor and Francis
80 Journal of Education Policy Taylor and Francis
81 Journal of Further and Higher Education Taylor and Francis
82 Journal of Geography in Higher Education Taylor and Francis
83 Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management Taylor and Francis
84 Journal of Intellectual & Developmental Disability Taylor and Francis
85 Journal of Intercultural Studies Taylor and Francis
86 Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education Springer Link
87 Journal of Moral Education Taylor and Francis
88 Journal of Peace Education Taylor and Francis
89 Journal of Personnel Evaluation in Education Springer Link
90 Journal of Research on Adolescence Blackwell Publishing
91 Journal of Science Education and Technology Springer Link
92 Journal of Science Teacher Education Springer Link
93 L1-Educational Studies in Language and Literature Springer Links
94 Leadership and Policy in Schools Taylor and Francis
95 Literacy (formerly Reading) Blackwell Publishing
96 London Review of Education Taylor and Francis
97 Management and Organization Review Blackwell Publishing
98 Mentoring and Tutoring Taylor and Francis
99 Music Education Research Taylor and Francis
100 Open Learning Taylor and Francis
101 Oxford Review of Education Taylor and Francis
102 Paedagogica Historica Taylor and Francis
103 Pediatric Diabetes Blackwell Publishing
104 Perspectives: Policy & Practice in Higher Education Taylor and Francis
105 Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy Taylor and Francis
106 Quality in Higher Education Taylor and Francis
107 Race, Ethnicity and Education Taylor and Francis
108 Reading Psychology Taylor and Francis
109 Reading & Writing Quarterly Taylor and Francis
110 Reflective Practice Taylor and Francis
111 Religious Education Taylor and Francis
112 Research in Dance Education Taylor and Francis
113 Research in Drama Education Taylor and Francis
114 Research in Higher Education Springer Link
115 Research in Science Education Springer Link
116 Research in Science & Technological Education Taylor and Francis
117 Research Papers in Education Taylor and Francis
118 Review of Communication Taylor and Francis
119 Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research Taylor and Francis
120 School Effectiveness and School Improvement Taylor and Francis
121 School Leadership & Management Taylor and Francis
122 School Organisation Taylor and Francis
123 Science & Education Springer Link
124 Sex Education: Sexuality, Society and Learning Taylor and Francis
125 Social Psychology of Education Springer Link
126 Sport, Education and Society Taylor and Francis
127 Studies in Continuing Education Taylor and Francis
128 Studies in Higher Education Taylor and Francis
129 Studies in Philosophy and Education Springer Link
130 Self-study of teacher education practices Taylor and Francis
131 Systematic Entomology Blackwell Publishing
132 Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice Taylor and Francis
133 Teaching Education Taylor and Francis
134 Teaching in Higher Education Taylor and Francis
135 Tellus A Blackwell Publishing
136 Tertiary Education and Management Springer Link
137 The High School Journal Project Muse
138 The Journal of Aesthetic Education Project Muse
139 The Journal of General Education Project Muse
140 The Journal of Higher Education Project Muse
141 The New Educator Taylor and Francis
142 Theory Into Practice Project Muse
143 The Review of Education, Pedagogy & Cultural Studies Taylor and Francis
144 The Review of Higher Education Project Muse
145 Westminster Studies in Education Taylor and Francis
UGC Journals
146 UGC Journals
147 UGC Journals

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